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Sales & Marketing Consultancy, SEO Company and Social Media Company in Cardiff, South Wales and London, England, UK:

MA Consultancy are a Cardiff SEO Company, Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Web Marketing Training & Services provider, Social Media Marketing Agency and SEO Agency based in Marshfield, between Cardiff & Newport in South Wales and servicing businesses throughout the UK including London, Reading, Bristol, Manchester & Birmingham. MA Consultancy is home to SEO Services and Social Media Marketing Services, especially Twitter Account Management, managing over 80 twitter accounts for various different customers / businesses and being home to: 

As well as to the twitter hashtags:

As well as the Twitter Networking Hours:


Cardiff SEO & Marketing Company offering Social Media Marketing Services in Cardiff, South Wales and London, England, UK:

In addition to our Cardiff Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Business Marketing Training & Outsourced Marketing Services Company and SEO Company, we also offer the Services of a Social Media Marketing Agency as well as all of the following services: Web Marketing Services Wales, Internet Marketing Services Wales, Website Marketing Services England, Search Engine Marketing, E-commerce & SEO Consultancy Training & Services to Businesses in Cardiff, Wales & London, England, UK (to businesses of all sizes from new business or startup business up to Small or Large Corporate Companies, all over England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales!


Web Marketing Agency in Cardiff, South Wales offering SEO, Marketing and Social Media Services to Cardiff, South Wales & London, England, UK:

We can also be referred to as a UK Sales & Marketing Company | PR & Marketing Agency | E-commerce Solutions Provider | Web Marketing & Search Engine Marketing Agency | SEO / Search Engine Optimisation Agency / SEO Consultants | Search Engine Company and Search Marketing Company!


For this months Web Marketing Offer, SEO Offer or Social Media Offer of the Month for Businesses – Please see the Side Bar or Link to our SEO & Social Media monthly offer page!


Who are Sales & Marketing Solution Providers, Sales & Marketing Consultants, SEO Company and Marketing Agency MA Consultancy?

MA Consultancy are Business, Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, Search Engine / SEO, Search / Website Marketing & Social Media Consultants Company who provide Consultancy Services, Training Services and Outsourced Sales & Marketing Services. They are also a Sales & Marketing Agency, Web Marketing Agency, Search Engine Marketing Company, SEO Marketing Company, SEO Consultants, Sales & Marketing Agency and Website Marketing Business offering Outsourced Sales & Marketing, Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing ServicesE-commerce and Website Marketing Services to UK, England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland based businesses but especially those in Cardiff / Newport / South Wales, London, England and anywhere along the M4 Corridor (Chepstow, Monmouth, Bristol, Swindon, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Richmond).

Web Marketing Services from Cardiff / Newport, South Wales SEO / Search Engine Optimisation Consultants,  Web Marketing Agency & Social Media Company:

Please find a selection of Business Sales & Marketing and Web Marketing Services that we offer to Businesses all over the UK but especially to businesses in Cardiff, Wales or London, England.

The Business Marketing Training, SEO Training and Social Media Training Services that MA Consultancy’s Business Consultants offer to Welsh & UK businesses from their Cardiff / Newport Company operation in Wales:

Social Media Training | SEO Training | Telesales or Field Sales Team Training | Sales & Marketing Strategy / Adding Sales & Marketing in to your business planning | Corporate or Key Account Sales & Account Management Training | Solution Selling | Planning for and Attending Exhibitions | E-commerce, Web Sales & Internet Sales Training | Web Marketing Training | Social Media Management Training | Web Design | LinkedIn | Google Adwords (online Ad campaign management) Training |

The Consultancy Services MA Consultancy Business Consultants offer to Welsh, London or UK based businesses from their Cardiff Company operation in South Wales:

Sales & Marketing Consultancy | Web Marketing Consultancy | E-commerce Consultancy | Social Media Consultancy | Credit Industry Consultancy | Exhibition or Corporate Event Consultancy | Business Startup / New Business Consultancy | SEO Consultancy & Marketing Data Consultancy.

The Outsourced Sales & Marketing, Website or Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) Marketing Services MA Consultancy offer to businesses and Companies in Cardiff or Newport in South Wales or London & Bristol in the South East of England or South West of England:

Website Analysis / Keyword Analysis | SEO Consultancy | SEO Services | Search Engine Optimisation | Google Adwords / Online Campaign Management | Blogging, Business Blog Services (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) | Website and Blog / Social Media Content Provision | Social Media Services / Activities (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) | Outsourced Exhibition attendance | Sales Database Provision (Prospect Lists / Email Databases) | Branding & Logo Design | Online Advertising | Market Research | Competitor Analysis | Video & Picture Marketing | Business Networking Services (Online [LinkedIn / 4 Networking] and Offline) | Basic 5 or 10 page Websites or Bespoke Website and Developed website project management | SMS Marketing and Marketing Systems | Backlink building | I-Phone Apps (Sales & Development) | Leaflet & Email Design & Printing | Business Card Design & Printing | Branding | PR | Events | Corporate Sponsorship opportunities | Computer, PC & Laptop Repair | Networking | Business Shows & Exhibition.

Marketing Services, SEO Services and Social Media Work!

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The type of Businesses, Companies or Organisations that MA Consultancy from Marshfield, Cardiff / Newport in South Wales work with:

Welsh Marketing Company MA Consultancy like to work with forward thinking leaders in organisations of any size or industry sector who are committed to growth and developing future success for their business or company. Your organisation may be a small, new or startup business or Company, an SME Business or Company or a Small, Medium or Large Corporate Business or Company but should be looking to embrace new ideas and new technologies to help you grow your business.

Web Marketing and SEO Marketing for Companies in the Credit Industry, B2C Retail & B2B Products or Services Sectors!

We have expertise in the Credit Industry & Business Information Data Sector, Online Retail / Ecommerce Sector, B2B Services Sector / FMCG Sector / Advertising, Media & Publishing Sector, Financial Sector, Promotional Marketing Sectors, Leisure Sector, Telecoms Sector, Offline B2C Product Sector and Telesale B2B & B2C Sectors).

Why you should contact specialist Marketing Agency and SEO Company MA Consultancy in Cardiff today to help “Elevate Your Business Results”?

Are you new to business or Company in Cardiff, Wales or the UK and looking for help with the marketing of your Business? Do you want to increase productivity, improve performance or grow the sales of your company? Are you planning on Starting a Telesales or Field Sale Team in your Company? Do you need help planning for or attending a large exhibition or other corporate event soon? Are you looking to develop a sales & marketing strategy or roadmap for your business or company? Are you initiating a new venture, wanting to shift your team’s thinking or seeking to implement new plans? Are you conscious that you should be embracing new technologies and interacting with your customers more but can’t find the time? Do you want to grow your business and increase your sales without having to take on more people? Are you caught up in the day to day running of your business and looking for new ideas? Are you failing to do the recommended (my recommendation) 1 hour a day of Social Media and Website Marketing and looking for help? Have you run out of businesses ideas and are looking for stimulation? Are you a technophobe and looking for help with getting to grips with the new technical world? Do you need training on any new web marketing or social media platforms or would you like to know how to use SEO, Content Marketing and Keyword marketing to get more traffic to your website and Social Media Accounts? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions and you want help with your SEO or Marketing, from an SEO Company in Cardiff or a Marketing Company in Cardiff, please contact us now by email, phone 07969 286126 or other methods available on our Contact Page!


Social Media, SEO and Sales & Marketing Customer Testimonials

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B2B & B2C Companies / Businesses I have done Sales & Marketing, SEO & Marketing or Training work for:

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To Read more about the Businesses or Companies that I have worked for please see the About My Clients Page within my About Section.

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